Saturday, March 23, 2013

Records for Sale !

Hello Punx,

trying to raise some money to release a few records. I will be pulling a few records here and there to add to this list. This is my current list, let me know if you have any questions.Write me at : 

Arctic Flowers - 1st ep Test Press (sold on tour w/ alternate cover) - Sold
Bi Marks - 1st ep Test Press (sold on tour w/alternate cover)
The Brat - single sided ep (sold at Dias de Destrcuccion w/ Alternate cover) - Sold
Crazy Spirit - 1st ep (first press on TS label)
D-Clone - Drop a noise bomb (on Damaging Noise)
Effluxus - Flexi ( on RPND) - Sold
Final - (on crust war)
Fogna - (on RatShit Records)
Krossa - limited w/ sticker only available through the label (on D-Takt) - Sold
Nerveskade - 1st ep Test Press (sold on tour  w/ Alternate cover) w/mundo muerto
Nerveskade - Yellow Vinyl ( on Iron Lung Records)
Nerveskade - 1st ep (sold on tour w/ alternate cover) - w/ d-clone - Sold
Perdition - 1st ep Gray Marble Vinyl ( on Mountains of Madness ) - Sold
Rayos X - 1st ep ( on Lengua Armada) - Sold
Spectres - Cold War ( on whispers of darkness) - Sold
Spectres - Visions of a New world (on whispers of darkness) - Sold
Warcry - Nausea

Brainoil / Iron Lung 
D-Clone / Nerveskade - on HC Survive
D-Clone / Nerveskade - on HC Survive (tour limited on red vinyl and includes a cassette) - Sold 
Destruccion / Sida
Spectres / Arctic Flowers - Sold



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