Friday, March 22, 2013

NEW RELEASES OUT NOW! on Mata La Musica Discos!!

Generacion Suicida S/T 7" - mata08 - Generacion Suicida from Los Angeles with their debut 7" on Mata La Musica Discos. GS delivers some tracks on here that are awesome and catchy as hell with driving melodic dual male/female vocals. With influences like early 1979 Los Angeles punk and the 1990's Danish punk scene . This is highly recommended for fans of Gorrila Angreb, Alley Cats,The Vicious, Electric Deads to name a few.  GS just finished up a 2 week tour on this west coast. If you did not have a chance to pick it up during this tour then make sure you get your hands on this now.

Rapid Loss S/T LP - mata09 - Rapid Loss hailing from Edmomton,AB (Canada) releasing their 1st S/T LP on Mata La Musica Discos! Rapid Loss delivers us this new raging hardcore punk lp after one previous ep release under their belts.  From start to finish this hardcore punk record has the fury and anger of bands like Poison Idea, BGK and Siege. Recorded by Graeme from No Problem(Edmonton), this Rapid Loss LP became like a gift that won't stop giving. It's loud and uncompromising, get this into your hands and I promise you will not be disappointed. RP also just finished up their 2013 west coast tour for the release of this record.

previous releases:

Mundo Muerto "Rompe el Silencio" 7"
Crazy Spirit "I'm Dead" 7"
Broken Patterns S/T 7"
Mundo Muerto "Que Asko" 12" EP
Bi-Marks "The Golden Years" LP
Rayos X "Soledad" LP

All wholesale release have a minimum purchase :
EP = 10 minimum (you can mix ep's)
LP = 10 minimum (you can mix lp's)

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks,


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