Wednesday, October 23, 2013

New Releases for Mata La Musica Discos

Hello punx,
New updates for the label. I have 3 records in the works right now. FUNERAL PARADE 12" is about complete just waiting to finish up the insert. The covers are in the process of being printed , can't wait.  Then we have the SNOB 7" ep coming up, this hot piece of wax is going to be fun to produce. We are just waiting to get the test press so we can continue to move forward with this project. In addition to these two awesome records we have the mighty BED BUGS 7" ep.  I heard the recording the other day and I was really happy to hear my friends record some awesome tracks. I look forward to getting these slabs out sooner than later, please let me know if you have any questions. I will post on here once these records are all ready to go, that's it for now...time for a cat nap!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Records 4 Sale 7/21/13

Records 4 Sale
 Please feel free to ask me any questions regarding these records.I will not hold on to any records if you have no intent of buying them.  Most of these records are in great condition, this all I have for now but will continue to sell more stuff with time. Anyways, buy all of these records so I can continue with my next releases on Mata La Musica Discos! Do not order via FB , please write to

Crazy Spirit S/T 7" - Toxic State (1st press) - $12
D-Clone "Drop a noise bomb" 7" - Damaging Noise (on white w/ poster adn insert) - $27
Death Side "The will never die" 7" - $66
Death Side "Satisfy the instinct"- $72
Disclose ‎"A Mass Of Raw Sound Assault" - MCR - $12
Etæ  可能・・・ 7" - Blood Sucker Rec. - $7
Etæ ‎ 激しい命を見下す奴に叩き返してやれ 7" - $4
False Confession 7" - Mystic Rec. - SOLD
Gouka "Answer In Oneself" 7" - Deadly Noise Blast ‎– DNB-001 - $30
Instigators "Nobody listens anymore" LP - (clean copy with insert) - SOLD
Gouka "Chaos" - Partners in Crime - $10
Hellshock 灼熱地獄Tour2005 7" - Sold on the band's 2005 Japan Tour 300/522 copies. - $10
Icon A.D."Don't Feed Us Shit" 7" - $20
Icon A.D. ‎– "Let The Vultures Fly...... E.P." 7" - $28
Krossa S/T 7" - 1st press 40/50hand-numbered + sticker w/different cover - $28
Kuro "FIRE" Flexi - 1983 GIG - SOLD\TRADE
Lebenden Toten "Contamination!!" 7" - East coast tour edition  - $15
Lebenden Toten "Poison Wave" 7" - 2006 Australian tour.100 copies on clear - $30
Lebenden Toten "Poison Wave" 7" - 400 copies of this version pressed - $26
Parasite "SIN" 7" - $16
Tuomiopaivan Lapset 7" - Luonto Levyt 001 - $17

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Records for Sale !

Hello Punx,

trying to raise some money to release a few records. I will be pulling a few records here and there to add to this list. This is my current list, let me know if you have any questions.Write me at : 

Arctic Flowers - 1st ep Test Press (sold on tour w/ alternate cover) - Sold
Bi Marks - 1st ep Test Press (sold on tour w/alternate cover)
The Brat - single sided ep (sold at Dias de Destrcuccion w/ Alternate cover) - Sold
Crazy Spirit - 1st ep (first press on TS label)
D-Clone - Drop a noise bomb (on Damaging Noise)
Effluxus - Flexi ( on RPND) - Sold
Final - (on crust war)
Fogna - (on RatShit Records)
Krossa - limited w/ sticker only available through the label (on D-Takt) - Sold
Nerveskade - 1st ep Test Press (sold on tour  w/ Alternate cover) w/mundo muerto
Nerveskade - Yellow Vinyl ( on Iron Lung Records)
Nerveskade - 1st ep (sold on tour w/ alternate cover) - w/ d-clone - Sold
Perdition - 1st ep Gray Marble Vinyl ( on Mountains of Madness ) - Sold
Rayos X - 1st ep ( on Lengua Armada) - Sold
Spectres - Cold War ( on whispers of darkness) - Sold
Spectres - Visions of a New world (on whispers of darkness) - Sold
Warcry - Nausea

Brainoil / Iron Lung 
D-Clone / Nerveskade - on HC Survive
D-Clone / Nerveskade - on HC Survive (tour limited on red vinyl and includes a cassette) - Sold 
Destruccion / Sida
Spectres / Arctic Flowers - Sold



Friday, March 22, 2013

NEW RELEASES OUT NOW! on Mata La Musica Discos!!

Generacion Suicida S/T 7" - mata08 - Generacion Suicida from Los Angeles with their debut 7" on Mata La Musica Discos. GS delivers some tracks on here that are awesome and catchy as hell with driving melodic dual male/female vocals. With influences like early 1979 Los Angeles punk and the 1990's Danish punk scene . This is highly recommended for fans of Gorrila Angreb, Alley Cats,The Vicious, Electric Deads to name a few.  GS just finished up a 2 week tour on this west coast. If you did not have a chance to pick it up during this tour then make sure you get your hands on this now.

Rapid Loss S/T LP - mata09 - Rapid Loss hailing from Edmomton,AB (Canada) releasing their 1st S/T LP on Mata La Musica Discos! Rapid Loss delivers us this new raging hardcore punk lp after one previous ep release under their belts.  From start to finish this hardcore punk record has the fury and anger of bands like Poison Idea, BGK and Siege. Recorded by Graeme from No Problem(Edmonton), this Rapid Loss LP became like a gift that won't stop giving. It's loud and uncompromising, get this into your hands and I promise you will not be disappointed. RP also just finished up their 2013 west coast tour for the release of this record.

previous releases:

Mundo Muerto "Rompe el Silencio" 7"
Crazy Spirit "I'm Dead" 7"
Broken Patterns S/T 7"
Mundo Muerto "Que Asko" 12" EP
Bi-Marks "The Golden Years" LP
Rayos X "Soledad" LP

All wholesale release have a minimum purchase :
EP = 10 minimum (you can mix ep's)
LP = 10 minimum (you can mix lp's)

Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks,