Saturday, August 4, 2012

Mata La Musika Discos es para los punks!

1. Generacion Suicida 7" Single - Mastered tracks are approved and fucking awesome! We should have the test press in our hands soon enough! Working on the finalizing the art work and getting it printed! Patience young punks this will be floating out there in no time. it is a single to spin over and over, you are going to love it. I do.

2. Rapid Loss LP - Tracks are in the final step of the mastering process. As soon as RP blast and approve these raging tracks then we go for the gold and get the test press asap! These guys will be tearing it up this year at  DISTORT VANCOUVER in VAN BC and a sweet tour of the West Coast in the future!! SO Fucking STOKED!

3. Funeral Parade 12"- Hearing this on wax is awesome! I have been dreaming of releasing this already. I always wanted to play this on a record player! I got the test press when i got home from tour with Mundo Muerto!  I asked for 5 Test Press copies not 1. working on getting the test press again....then the approval soon and the Cover/Insert artwork will be completed soon. The rest of my ranting will be written about in TTK Zine #1 .......

4. Crazy Spirit "I'm Dead" 7" repress - These guys are touring Europe and destroying shit up I'm sure! I have all the records at my house. Crazy Spirit will be knocking out the covers and inserts upon their return! Please be patient this slab will be in your hands or distro soon again.

5. Bi Marks "The Golden Years" LP repress - Got them in!! Get them from me, Ebulltion or at a punk record store near you! Don't miss out on this RAGING piece of WAX!! I'm sure most of you got to see these sweet dudes at CHAOS en TEJAS or destroying your city on their way there. Pick it up, you will be addicted!

6. Stay tuned for TTK Zine Vol #1+ Double Sided Flexi Sampler - w/ Generacion Suicida/Rapid Loss/Effluxus/Crimson Scarlet......

more TBA from the network of punx...

Crimson Scarlet
Bog People

and more in the works. Thanks to all the punks for the support.

Mata La Musika Discos es para los punks!

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