Friday, December 2, 2011

Bi-Marks "The Golden Years" LP and So CAL ShoWZZzz!

Bi-Marks "The Golden Years" LP on MATA LA MUSICA DISCOS is available NOW!!! Send me some hate mail along with your orders! Spread this news out to the distros/labels/records stores near you! If you want wholesale info or single orders please email DONT FORGET BI MARKS WILL BE HERE IN A FEW WEEKS! SPREAD THE WORD! HERE ARE THE FLIERS PRINT THEM AND HAND THEM OUT!! THANKS!

BI-MARKS "The Golden Years" LP
18 songs of blistering non-stop hardcore punk, raging in the vein of KORO, ZERO BOYS, or WILLFUL NEGLECT not to mention bursts of BLACK SABBATH! members of Nerveskade/Bog People so you know its FUCKING INSane!

-The Butcher
Mata La Musica Discos