Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hell Kaaos Night Vol. 2 @ The Crash Pad

Friday night was here and I could hardly wait to get out and attend this show with my brother Beto. My intentions were to visit more than my share of shows this night. I say this because AMMO, Deathcount, Mania were all playing the same night over in Long Beach @ Ferns. . I was upset that I was going to miss this show because these bands are all really good as well. I can't say I have seen AMMO live yet but I have only heard good things about them. The line up for AMMO is a sweet one and I can't wait to see these punks play soon. Deathcount ripped it up so hard over at the ICYC FEST in Phoenix , AZ . I like Deathcount a lot and they have a new addition to the lineup,(Sean 2nd guitar) Sean rips on guitar, great addition! Deathcount plays a killer set and they remind me of Crucifix,Iconoclast,Discharge,they rule. FUCKING Mania puts on a fun live show. These Long Beach punks will have the spot stinky, sweaty and disgusting as they deliver a set of non stop pogo to fuck your night up! You could bet your fucking boots you're going to pogo. I'm very happy to see that these guys are sticking to it and continue to play more shows and they keep doing small run of shows up in northern California. You can almost see the UK82 oozing off of these guys when they play. Let's move forward, what can I say I had my destination planned out for the night so no bitching. I was going to meet up with So (Hardcore Survive) at Hell Kaaos Night Vol.2 as he is on a quick visit from Japan. So is a full time punk and no time for bullshit just 100% punk lifestyle! We arrived to the show and there were some additions to the show lineup. I never caught the names of what bands were playing and when I asked the punks around me no one had a clue. I hate it when that happens. My brother and I took the night on and started catching up with the punks from ASPEX/THE HELPLESS/KRUEL/RAYOS-X/GENERACION SUICIDA. After a few conversations and exchange of friendly insults we noticed that regardless of the amount of shows that night the punks were out! Like the times before, the place was packed, with punks from all over the so cal area. ASPEX began to setup their gear in the hot little kitchen area and the walls were sweating alredy as the living room began to get crowded. ASPEX had their banner up next to the KRUEL banner, it looked really awesome and the sound at this house is really good. Everything sounds even and loud as possible, and then then feedback kicked in and they started the noise! I had missed ASPEX in Long Beach, I knew that i missed a good set . ASPEX is a 3 piece project by members of these current bands The Helpless/KRUEL. There set was really good and I was stoked to hear what i would come to expect from these 3 loud punks. They play a style of punk they love and it is a constant energy that you can hear in their other bands as well. I could tell you none of the 3 bands sound the same. They all have their own sound and I recommend checking them all out. We have KRUEL from L.A., If you haven't come across any demos by these guys then you must be very unlucky or you must live on another planet. They are an active band and continue to kill every night they play. If you see anything by these guys, do yourself a favor and pick it up! Then we have The Helpless. Well duh, if you haven't caught on to the band name then let me tell you that it's Kuro worship! They have a new ep , you should check it out. I'm glad to hear something cool like this in L.A. . I FUCKING LOVE KURO and The Helpless does a good job on this ep of paying tribute to the unique noise of Kuro. Back to ASPEX,they played a solid set of tunes for fuckers. I'm looking forward to hearing more from this band. I'm sure the chemistry between the 3 members is something they share and enjoy, let's see a demo already! I make my way back outside and, it feels really good, it was a nice and cool night. I caught up with SO and he was ready to as he put it "have a few drinks" hahahahaha. So,So,So he is a trooper, he hangs tough and still meets his deadlines, what a punk!! So is one of the most awesome punks that I have met from Japan. We have a little bit of history together and we have been on some of the same tours together and what a blast i had! If you run into So please meet him, he is a a good punk and a true friend. He is responsible for a couple of really awesome releases and a lot of punk activity in the punk scene in Japan. I try to get my hands on all his releases, Hardcore Survive out of Japan make sure you check it out. He just released another killer ep by the RAW PUNK EATERS Skizophrenia! AAHHhhhh! Generacion Suicida is starting to setup inside "The Crash Pad" and we wait patiently for them to get ready. Generacion Suicida just got back recently from a west coast tour with Rayos-X. Rayos X is one of my favorite punk bands from L.A. and they share members with G.S. . I have the pleasure of working with both bands and we are currently getting ready for the official release of the Rayos-X "Soledad" LP on MATA LA MUSICA DISCOS. Generacion Suicida is also getting ready to finish up the recordings for their debut 7" on M.L.M.Discos. These punk bands are not alike in their sound but the passion they have is communicated brilliantly through the songs they write. Rayos X gets you moving and singing instantly, they deliver their songs with so much raw energy that you can feel and become apart of. After a demo and 2 killer 7" ep's these guys are ready to release this 8 song, 45rpm LP. Generacion Suicida is ready and putting the last touch on tuning up their instruments. The crowd is really up close and personal as they hover over and are ready for Kiwi the drummer to start the count! Generacion Suicida is fueled by the sounds of bands like The Vicious,Gorilla Angreb and Masshysteri. The lyrics are delivered in spanish and the crowd sings and dance the night away to every song. I love these punks, they are all great people, good friends and rad punks. The night was still young and Generacion Suicida completed their set for the night. Next up was Kruel, Rayos X and Poliskitzo (what a fucking line up!!). Needless to say that I wish i lived closer, i really wanted to watch all 3 of these bands. I of course chose to drive home since our relocation to Fullerton, CA. The night was awesome and the punks were still arriving and it was only about 11:30 or 12 . No matter what was to happen, it was going to continue be a rad fucking show full of energy. When Poliskitzo shows up you can always count on a full night of punks dancing. I always have fun when i get to see these punks play, they have 2 demos out currently. I CANNOT wait until they drop some tracks on wax. I'm not kidding you, if you have the chance to see these guys do it. It's always a great time when they play and they always leave you wanting more. These guys are a riot individually and as a band, they are good people and great musicians! Keep your eyes open and your ears clean these guys are sure to bring us some killer recordings for vinyl soon! Our car ride is not that exciting, my car stereo does not function so me and Beto just drove home.

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