Tuesday, August 30, 2011

BOG PEOPLE........trax to the wax

Bog People wax not to be missed OR LOST TO THE AGES. I'll be working out the details a bit more with the band. Thank you to Calvin,Alex,Andrew,Keith and the Bog Man for letting Mata-La-Musica Discos work on slapping these trax to solid wax. I'm sure you are all stoked to lay these records on your turntable when they are released. Release Date Soon....more details are being worked on. M-L-M Discos is working a few other releases but the BP stuff will make its way out soon. Hold on to your motorcycle punk boots..this slab will be full of radiation glue noise....Cheers.


Monday, August 29, 2011

Crazy Spirit "I'm Dead" 7" ep - 2nd Press...

Crazy Spirit "I'm Dead" 7" ep - on M-L-M DISCOS - 2nd Press Qty:500 wholesale is now SOLD OUT.

Scheduled to ship out to all the distros,labels and records stores that purchased this via presale in about 2 weeks max.

Have a nice day and thank you for the continued support to everyone who keeps ordering the wax. I'm working my fucken punk ass off to get the wax out on time for tours and shows for all of the bands that M-L-M Discos is working with!! Stay tuned for the next update and stay punk!

thanks to Walker,Eugene,Sam,Henry and John @ TOXIC STATE for the continued help with this release. Thanks to all the distros, labels and record stores that helped as well with the presale.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rayos-X "Soledad" LP

Hello stinky punk rats! I've been laying low but I'll tell you this much, the flow of really fun and awesome recordings have been arriving and ready for the wax drop! Mata La Musica Discos is excited to release this awesome piece of L.A. Punk! Rayos X has been laying out the tunes via tapes on Silencio Statico and some 7" wax on Lengua Armada and Damaging noise....this LP is a great follow up to these previous releases. Rayos-X is getting ready to hit the road and do some west coast tour dates with some copies of this new LP. They will be hitting the road with GENERACION SUICIDA, which shares members from Rayos-X and KRUEL. GENERACION SUICIDA is also working on a future M-L-M Discos release. Dates and info will posted soon for the official release of this record an tour. I will not have any TOUR test press copies of the LP so please don't ask me for them. These all will be sold on tour for the band. Anyways, just wanted to drop a line and inform you on this wonderful piece of wax! Cheers!


Bi Marks "The Golden Years" LP


I'm very very very happy to release this LP. Thank you Ian,Calvin,Eric,Kevin,Evan!!! This record has been played non stop by me at home and work and everywhere i go!I love it, 18 blistering tracks of non stop hardcore punk! Once you drop this wax on your turntable you will glue it down for a while. You can't just listen to one song this is an addictive album that just refuses to stop! The gift that keeps giving...Bi Marks! More details soon! The band will be getting their test press copies later this week. The anticipation is driving me a bit nutz, I wanna play it loud! Cheers mugrosos!

Mata La Musica Discos!

Friday, August 19, 2011

some wax for sale. This is how you help release records on Mata La Musica Discos too! Thanks for looking!

write me an email. will sell first come first serve...by email time stamp. thanks!

Avengers - Paint It Black / Thin White Line " on White CD006 - $35
Contrast Attitude - Sick Brain Extreme Addict(4 track ep) MCR-183 - $Sold
Crude - Just Go Go Ahead 7" HG-235 HG Fact - $9.00
Dishonorable Discharge "Kept in the dark ep" 7" Dishonerable Records Company-001 - $6
IV Reich 2 x 7" ep's "Primera Maketa" Desobedencia Records - $Sold
The Hex Dispensers "Lose My Cool" DMR 015 7", Single - $5
Hazard "HATE HATE HATE" - MCR Company MCR-149- 1 For Sale from $26
Impalers - on Todo Destruido- $5
Arrigt Antraek - on Hjernespind - $4
Limp Wrist - "Want us dead" ep - L.A.-43 - $6
los crudos / mk-ultra 7" - L.A.-35 on yellow vinyl - $7
Times Square Preachers - Nazis Raus on pink vinly - Your Own Jailer Records - $6
Times Square Preachers - Don't Be Numb!!! - on Your Own Jailer Records -$5
Twin Threat to your Sanity - 7" ep COMP w/dystopia/noothgrush/bongzilla/corrupted - $10
Result "I Can go Die" 7" ep MCR-109 - $50
Reality Crisis "Who is your Messiah?" - $Sold
Liberate / Selfish ep 7" Split on HG Fact -$25
Iconoclast "Who does the freedom and equality exist for?" 7" ep Icon-01 and Blurred Records -03- $ - on hold
Infest – Not Over Yet -unreleased demo tracks.7" ep - $10
Insane Youth A.D.* – Screamin' On A Crap #1 DAN-DOH 036 - $8
Krossa - 1st Press 40/ 50 copies hand-numbered + sticker w/different cover (limited version only available from label) - $Sold
Deathtribe / Kriegshög – Split, In Crust We Thrash -ICWT005 - $25
Last Survivors - "Chaos is here" Crust War -016- $30
Lama - Nimetön Combat Rock Industry - CRI 073 - $35.00
ORdER – Saru HG Fact HG-213 - $20
ORdER- Toyota HG Fact HG-220 - $25
ORdER- Donki HG Fact HG-221 - $Sold (really rare)
Reality Crisis - Deformed Society MCR Company MCR-141 - $40
Asocial "Det Bittra Slutet" SPP-005 -$8
Asphyxia– Wardrugs &" ep Crust War-013 - $35
Defector Punk System Destroy Crust War-020 - $35
45 Grave – Black Cross Goldar Records 1401 - $15 (1981)
Ataque Frontal - Burrito 24 - $5
Armed Government's Error – The Spider Black Water - $7
Atomkinder Victim Records - $5
Acrostix – Truth Turned Gray With Justice Black Water - $5
Hellshock / Age* – Born Out Of Darkness HG-243 HG Fact- $7
Buzzy - HG Fact HG-159 - $5
Conclusion HG Fact HG-168 - $5
Conclusion Overthrow records - $7
Deadlock / Noise Reduction "War System ep" D.I.Y. Records D.I.Y.-EP-008 - $8

Friday, August 5, 2011

"And now back to our regular programming!" - I'm back fuckerZZ!

aah yes ...the mighty J@nk and Eugenius...great timez!

Mata La Musica Discos Update- Ok Shitheadz, I'm getting shit together I will be sending out some orders soon. I'm all moved into my new place and have shit setup ..for those who have been really patient I can't thank you enough. I'm not a flake I just got shit to do son! Thanks to all the bands and the punks that are making these releases all possible by supporting me with the distro and label. Thanks to all the Bands for the wicked tunez and hard work recording and putting shit together. Maddie for getting me all moved in and helping me out with all the artwork. Nick and Der for helping me with shipping shit and Nat(Radiation Records),John(Toxic State),Crazy Spirit,Broken Patterns for all the screen printing help and my house mates my family and band for putting up with me hahahah! I love all you fucken turdz! Thanks forward we go!

MATA02 - Crazy Spirit "I'm Dead" ep - Being repressed...working on this really hard to have it out soon again!

MATA04 - Broken Patterns ep - Currently available. This is a one time press of 300 . I have a few copies left. A great L.A. punk band that has the snotty vocals ,great lyrics and it makes you want to pogo and dance in the pit. L.A. Style!

Listen tot hem here:


MATA06 - RAYOS X "Soledad" LP - these guys continue to rip every time i see them. My favorite So cal band for sure! The recording are being worked on but will be having more info on this soon enough! If you see them playing a show near by your town don't miss out! preview of some LP tunezz...


MATA07 - BI MARKS "The Golden Years" LP - will begin the test press process sometime next week. So stoked on this LP...The Demo rips...this new LP...o yeah buddy the full deal!!

get the demo here:


MATA08 - Generacion Suicida ep - again the demo trax by this band are great. I love seeing them live every time they play! I am stoked on the recordings. As soon as I have more info I will keep this info updated. Also if you see a flier and know they are playing nearby ...do yourself a favor..if your a fan of this style...don't miss out.

listen to them here:


MATA10 - Funeral Parade 7" ep - this will be a nice project release that i have been in love with since day 1...this is one of my favorite demos that was released by this short lived deathrock/post punk outfit! If you know anything about this bands demo I'm sure you will appreciate the one time press of this to wax. If you care to download and listen ...do it for you own good....and keep your eyes open and your ears alert for this release....

listen to it here: http://terminalescape.blogspot.com/2010/12/funeral-parade.html

MATA11 - Verraterisch LP - these trax will be submitted shortly as soon as we nail down a release date with the band! These recordings are the best yet from this trio of pogo madness makers!! I'm very excited for this release as well. get the demo trax here:


MATA13 - Mundo Muerto "Rompe el Silencio" ep - repressed on Mata La Musica Discos. The first press was done by the bands label Que Punk?. This single is short fast and sweet featuring some good spanish punk rock tunes. We did a repress of 500 - 100 of these were limited to the recent tour by Mundo Muerto w Porkeria. The covers were the same plus a bonus envelope cover stamped by the band.

that's it for now.....be patient, see you at the shows...I'm getting the ball rolling on these releases. very stoked for your continuous support. Thanks to the punx who get it and have fun...Haters....well you know the story...FUCK OFF!


Mata La Musica Discos