Monday, May 16, 2011

New Update! 5/22/2011

Que tal Humanoides!!!

Welcome to DISTRO AUTODESTRUCCION! and MATA LA MUSIC DISCOS! PLEASE CHECK WITH ME FIRST BEFORE YOU SEND ME ANY MONEY to make sure i have it in stock. I will do my best to keep this list updated as soon as any updates are available and please remember. If I don't reply please don't worry, if it's urgent just try me again one more time via email if not just be patient and I'll get to your email. Life is always hectic but i do this because i enjoy it, this is not a business for me. It's what i LOVE, so please be patient and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If you want to send a Money Order or Cash please write me first and i will arrange this with you and I do accept PayPal. I will not be doing anymore holds unless I have dealt with you before already. I will also not be taking anymore orders as of Friday May 27th 2011 until I get back into town July 15th. However the distro will be available at any shows that I will be helping out with or attending locally. Mundo Muerto will be hitting the road soon to tour with Porkeria (McAllen,TX) Summer 2011 Tour. Come out to the shows and hang out if we are playing your town! I will have the distro with me. TOUR DATES WILL BE POSTED SOON!!!


Up next we have the Broken Patterns EP and Funeral Parade EP followed by BI MARKS LP and Rayos X "Soledad" LP out soon enough. If you have any questions or would like to order some distro merch,wholesale from MATA LA MUSIKA DISCOS OR BLACKWATER records please email me ..... Cheers


MATA01 - Mundo Muerto "Que Asko" 12" MLP - Sold out

MATA02 - Crazy Spirit "I'm dead" 7" EP - All trades have been completed I only have wholesale copies available.



-------------Cassette Tapes--------------------------------------------

Desperate Hours/Ratface Tour Split
Fodder - Un Desplome
Nuklear Blast Suntan - Forcefed
Ratface - Cursed by the state
Rayos X - Tour Tape -
Generacion Suicida - Demo
Verraterisch - Demo
Lost Tribe - The Dawn

----------------7" Records----------------------
Aghast-Suffocating Authority
The Bellicose Minds
Bog People/Vivid Sekt
Brain Killer
Crazy Spirit(I'm dead ep)
Criaturas- Aranas en el corazon
Disable/Warvicitms split ep
The Estranged - Fast Train
The Estranged - Sacred Decay
The Estranged/Autistic Youth
Final Warning (PDX WARRIORS!!!)
Gobierno Militar
Germ Attak- Molokai
Ilegal - La vida es el producto...
Los Monjo-Cerdos Cerdos Cerdos
Max and the Make Ups
Nuklear Frost/Secret Sect
PDX - Comp
Rayos X - Sufrimiento
Vivid Sekt - 1st Single

---------------10" Records----------------
Ideas Ilegal

----------------12" Records----------------
blowback - living vibrations
deathraid (1st lp)
demolition-Mob of wolves
deskonocidos LP - en la oscuridad
the estranged - singles
the estranged - static thoughts
forca macabra - aqui e o inferno
gouka - destroyed natural beast
hellshock - only the dead know the end of war
react - deus ex machina
warcry - deprogram
warcry - demo to LP

Hellshock - singles
The Estranged - singles
Lebenden Toten - near dark

------------------PUNK Zine------------------
deprogram zine vol 1

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