Saturday, May 14, 2011

Attention Punks, Punk Distros/Punk labels/Punk record stores!!! Crazy Spirit "I'm Dead" ep!!!

PUNK DISTROS/ PUNK LABELS/ PUNK RECORD STORES......CRAZY SPIRIT EP is ready. If you are interested in purchasing wholesale copies (minimum amount is qty of 5 records) please email . If you want to order single copies copies you can buy them from me at a live show or from the band at a live show. You can also email me at ( for single copies only). I will not be checking this the facebook page for orders so please use the info provided here. Email me with an questions. Thanks!

P.S. All trades for this record have been agreed to already and I do not have anymore copies for trading only wholesale sorry.

Thanks and Cheers, Cray Spirit will be here soon enough!!



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